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Happiness Survey

You have the right to be satisfied with your life.  Most historians agree that this is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote that we have the right to pursue happiness.  For almost 20 years the folks at the Happiness Initiative have been working to measure just how happy are you.  They do this by a polling of individuals (now measuring over 40,000) drawing on the survey model of the Kingdom of Buhtan (  This survey results in a Gross National Happiness Index.  

The Gross National Happiness Index survey will help assist the Sustainability Commission to assess just how Satisfied with Life are the citizens of Groton and hopefully lead to ideas, programs and policies that will contribute to increased community well-being  and individual satisfaction with Life.  It helps all of us to assess the sustainability of our communities’ happiness, and to inspire us to take action.

Click here to take your “Happiness Survey."

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Town Manager's Weekly Report Now Available
The Town Manager's weekly report will now be available online as it is released to the Board of Selectmen. The report can be located on the Board of Selectmen page under the 'Documents' area on the right side of the page.

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Regional School Agreement Committee Opening
The Board of Selectmen is looking to appoint a resident to serve on the Regional School Agreement Review Committee as a community member at large. Any interested persons should fill out a Committee Interest Form and submit it to the Office of the Board of Selectmen by Friday, August 27th. They would like to hopefully make this appointment at their meeting on Monday, August 31st.

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Lost Lake Fire Protection Construction Schedule
The project to expand the Lost Lake fire protection system is underway. A summary of the work to be completed follows. Read on for detailed information and dates.

Summit Avenue: 8" water main with 1 new fire hydrant

Lake Side Drive: 8" water main with 3 new fire hydrants

Pine Trail: 12" water main with 3 new fire hydrants

Lost Lake Drive: 12" water main with 2 new fire hydrants

Boston Road/Route 119: 12" water main with 3 new fire hydrants

Weymisset Road: Installation of a 50,000 gallon underground concrete tank – September 2015

Prescott Street: Installation of a 50,000 gallon underground concrete tank – September 2015

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